What we offer...

2019/20 Scheme

This scheme year has been extended to end July 2020

Individual membership

  • £255 - attendance at up to 6 courses - extra courses £45 each 

Practice membership

  • £235 per GP (minimum of 5 GPs - attendance at up to 6 courses - extra courses £45 each 

Nurse Membership

  • £140 - attendance at up to 4 courses - extra courses £35 each 

Trainee Doctors

  • Bristol Trainees - attendance at up to 6 courses 
  • Trainees out of area - £50 per course

Single Bookings

  • £135 for a full day
  • £75 for a half day or evening

Members of other education providers

  • £50 per course under the reciprocal arrangements 


Scheme Year

The HLP Scheme Year runs from 1st April to 31st March

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How to book onto a course

Locate the course you want to book onto using the course list or course calendar.

Choose Book onto course . If you are already a member, log in at this point.

If you are not a member, you can choose to become a member or pay for a single course attendance.

You will receive email confirmation and your online account will show which courses you are booked onto.

If you would like further information there is a full user guide available to download.