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Liver & gastroenterology

Tue, 17 Sep 2019

Engineers' House , Clifton , BS8 3NB

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 4:30pm

Topics & Educators to include

Abnormal LFTS
Talal Valliani, Clinical lead for Gastrointestinal and Liver medicine, NBT

Looser stools/primary care approach to the investigation of diarrhoea
Michael Sproat, GP Locum and GPSI Gastroenterology,

Amanda Beale, Consultant Gastroenterology, BRI

Gallstones/pancreatitis/abdominal pain
Ian Pope, Consultant Hepotobiliary, UHB

Heptobilary conditions
Kushala Abeysekera, , UHB

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PROGRAMME - Liver and gastroenterology

PROGRAMME - Liver and gastroenterology
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