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How can we better look after ourselves

Fri, 05 Oct 2018

Avon LMC , Bristol , BS16 5HP

Coffee from: 8:45am

Start by 9:15am and close by 3:45pm


There is an increasing body of evidence and experience-in-practice that demonstrates there are many powerful strategies and skills we can cultivate as individuals to enable us to take care of ourselves more effectively, increase our capacity to work within challenging situations and contribute to cultures of care for ourselves and others. On this day, we will explore a little theory, build on our existing knowledge and strengths and practise new skills to explore together how we can look after ourselves. We will draw on the disciplines of behavioural change, positive psychology, resilience work, mindfulness and compassion trainings. Jo Cullen is a teacher and educationalist who has a strong interest in mental wellbeing. She has trained with Peter Gruenewald in ‘Adaptive resilience’ and has significant experience teaching positive psychology, Brief Intervention therapy and mentoring skills to GPs and other health professionals. She is a director of HLP and of Flourishing, an education consultancy. Julia Wallond is a part time GP, and mindfulness teacher, who has been exploring strategies around self-care within challenging environments for several years. She was recently the lead GP at the Haven in Bristol working with refugees and asylum seekers, which included supporting patients with post-traumatic stress disorder, and contributing to staff self care strategies, and she also has some experience and training within the world of environmental activism.

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How can we better look after ourselves
Jo Cullen, Educationalist, HLP

How can we better look after ourselves
Julia Wallond, GP,

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PROGRAMME - How can we better look after ourselves?

PROGRAMME - How can we better look after ourselves?
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