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Genetics and Genomics - conversation with Maarit Brooks

Thu, 11 Oct 2018

Avon LMC , Bristol , BS16 5HP

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 12:30pm


It is estimated that genomics plays an important role in around 10% of illnesses that GPs see at the surgery. These are for example, familial cancer syndromes, inherited metabolic and cardiac conditions but also how we respond to medications, our vulnerability to complex or infectious diseases etc. Genomics is already being used e.g. in pharmacogenomics, cancer treatment and in infectious diseases. The importance of genomics in primary care is predicted to increase rapidly. As genomic medicine is a vast field, Maarit feels that you would get the most out of the session if we focus on a few topics and discuss them in more detail. Some of the potential topics that she suggests are: 1. What is genomic medicine and how does it relate to GPs? 2. What is genome sequencing? 3. Spotting the “red flags” of a genetic disease 4. Familial breast cancer 5. Familial colorectal cancer 6. Hereditary haemochromatosis 7. Familial hyperlipidaemia 8. Ethical issues related to genomics In order to ensure that the time is used effectively during the session Maarit would be grateful if you could please email her beforehand your preferences for topics or other important genomics-related topics or questions at:

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Maarit Brooks, GPwSI,

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PROGRAMME - Genetics and genomics

PROGRAMME - Genetics and genomics
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