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Sleep problems - conversation with Dane Rayment

Fri, 08 Jun 2018

Avon LMC , Bristol , BS16 5HP

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 12:30pm


Dane Rayment is a consultant psychiatrist at Southmead. Part of his role involves running an outpatient neuropsychiatry sleep disorder clinic, along with 2 beds at the Rosa Burden Centre for Neuropsychiatry for carrying out sleep studies. Topics that can be discussed include: Normal sleep physiology Sleep studies Insomnia Circadian rhythm disorders Parasomnias (Non REM and REM) Hypersomnias including Narcolepsy (Dane won’t be discussing obstructive sleep apnoea and other respiratory sleep disorders).

Topics & Educators to include

Sleep problems
Dane Rayment, Consultant Psychiatrist, NBT

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PROGRAMME - Sleep problems

PROGRAMME - Sleep problems
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