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Thu, 15 Nov 2018

Engineers' House , Clifton , BS8 3NB

Coffee from: 8:45am

Start by 9:20am and close by 4:40pm

Topics & Educators to include

Difficult eczema and its variants
Genevieve Osborne , Dermatologist, UHB

David DeBerker, Consultant Dermatologist , UHB

Blistering diseases
Giles Dunnill, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

Skin Disease below the knee
Kat Nightingale, Associate Specialist in dermatology, UHB

Actinic keratoses: diagnosis and management
David DeBerker, Consultant Dermatologist , UHB

Skin infections
Amrit Darvay, Consultant Dermatologist, NBT

Paediatric rashes
Lindsay Shaw, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

Is it really psoriasis and GP treatments
Kimberlee Lim, Consultant dermatologist, UHB

Hair loss
Aparna Sinha, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

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PROGRAMME - Dermatology

PROGRAMME - Dermatology
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