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Mon, 06 Nov 2017

Engineers' House , Clifton , BS8 3NB

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 4:30pm

Topics & Educators to include

Great learning materials from the teledermatology forum
David DeBerker, Consultant Dermatologist , UHB

Psychodermatology: infestations, anger, anxiety
Janet Angus, Consultant Dermatologist, NBT

Psoriasis and similar rashes: how to manage
Giles Dunnill, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

Rashes and bumps in children other than eczema
Lindsay Shaw, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

Difficult eczema and its variants
Genevieve Osborne , Dermatologist, UHB

Vulval disease
Jane Sansom, Consultant Dermatologist, UHB

Penis rashes
Amrit Darvay, Consultant Dermatologist, NBT

Dermoscopy: benign and malignant and non lesion dermoscopy
Pawel Bogucki, Dermatologist, UHB

Common lesions and how to manage
Adam Bray, Consultant Dermatologist, NBT

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PROGRAMME - Dermatology

PROGRAMME - Dermatology
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