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Liver & Gastroenterology - Conversation with Michael Sproat

Thu, 04 Jan 2018

Avon LMC , Bristol , BS16 5HP

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 12:30pm


Conversation courses are designed to be highly leaner-centred. You are encouraged to bring questions of personal interest and concern: these will be addressed by the educator and may be discussed in the group. It is always useful for the educator to have had sight of cases/questions in advance of the session. Please email these to us beforehand, if you can. We appreciate that questions are often prompted by the session itself! Conversation study mornings will include lunch, and the option to spend some time in the afternoon reflecting with peers.

Topics & Educators to include

Liver & Gastroenterology
Michael Sproat, GP Locum and GPSI Gastroenterology,

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PROGRAMME - Liver & Gastro conversation

PROGRAMME - Liver & Gastro conversation
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Gastroenterology - Michael Sproat

Gastroenterology - Michael Sproat
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