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Mindfulness and wellbeing

Sun, 15 Oct 2017

Elsie Briggs house , Bristol , BS9 3EQ

Coffee from: 9:20am

Start by 9:40am and close by 4:30pm


The day has been designed to provide - a beautiful and peaceful space to relax, and - the opportunity to take part in activities that are nurturing and inspiring in our busy working lives - guidance and support in recognising and responding to our own ‘self care’ needs These activities include - learning about and experiencing Mindfulness practice - discussing and practising Positive Psychology and Adaptive Resilience; how these can help us lead happier and less stressful lives - taking part in Reading and Creative Writing workshops for fun and to develop personal insights - sitting, resting, talking, reading or thinking both inside the house and in the lovely garden Please note that there is no obligation to take part in all the workshop activities. If you wish, you can ‘dip in and out’ and spend some time just relaxing! Practicalities - All activities are optional, and even if you choose to do them all, there will be unstructured time during the day just to ‘be’ - We will be having a shared lunch: you are invited to bring some simple food to share with the group

Topics & Educators to include

Julia Wallond, GP,

strategies for wellbeing
Jo Cullen, Educationalist, HLP

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PROGRAMME - Mindfulness and wellbeing

PROGRAMME - Mindfulness and wellbeing
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