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Drugs and young people....conversation with Barney Rhythm

Fri, 21 Apr 2017

Avon LMC , Bristol , BS16 5HP

Coffee from: 9:00am

Start by 9:30am and close by 12:00pm


Areas that can be addressed during this morning include: Current drug trends with Young people The use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), Taking into account the new(ish) NPS bill. Has it made an impact on young people taking these drugs? What are the risks? Treatment? Effective ways of engaging young people in drugs education/discussions Do scare tactics work? How are young people more likely to engage in conversations about risk taking with substances? Modern day drug dealers How young people are buying drugs now. The Dark web. How easy is it to get illegal/prescription drugs now? Is this safer/more dangerous? Xanax The prevalence of benzodiazepine use among naive young people. Perceptions by young people that prescription drugs are safer than illegal drugs. Recent xanax related death.

Topics & Educators to include

Drugs and Young people
Barney Rhythm, Youth Worker,

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PROGRAMME - Drugs and Young People

PROGRAMME - Drugs and Young People
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